Monday, September 21, 2009

A Simple Suggestion

I'm writing this blog post from my mobile--which is awesome!

Anyway, I thought I would use this time to drop a suggestion to those of you who read these posts.

Something I have been doing since I started writing a Bible study on the kings of Judah, is taking a colored highlighter and using it to create a thematic study by highlighting any verses that pertain to the theme.

My theme--and goal--in this study, is not to highlight the verses that deal with the kings themselves, but anything that magnifies God's Kingship. So far, His Kingship is displayed throughout Genesis to Revelation, woven in each book--yes, even the Songs of Solomon.

Sometimes you have to dig through other portions of Scripture to bring out the meaning to a particular verse, but it makes it all worth while.

I recommend a system like this for anyone interested in doing a thematic study. Long after the study, when you read your Bible, you'll notice the colored highlighting and recognize it as the color for that theme. Seeing that theme next to other verses can draw a significant amount of meaning to other verses and help you connect entire portions and chapters of Scripture.

I can't begin to tell you how much this has helped me draw closer to God, as Scripture takes on a new meaning and strenghtens my walk with Him.

I hope this helps your walk with God as much as it has helped mine.

God bless.

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