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Tomorrow's Sun by Becky Melby

4.4 out of 5 stars
Broken, emotionally scarred, and determined, Emily Foster purchases a house in Michigan to atone for her past sins. Flipping the house seems like a quick way to reach her goal. The unnerving yet handsome contractor she hires seems reluctant to flip her historic house. Contractor Jake Braden has too much to deal with, including his recent goal of obtaining guardianship of his late sister's twins. When Emily and Jake uncover evidence that the house may have been a stop on the underground railroad, they attempt to uncover more clues about the house's past owners. The story of lost love in Emily's house sets the stage for what might become their own lost love.

Tomorrow's Sun, the first novel in the Lost Sanctuary series, is a riveting story that keeps the reader engaged with its mystery and in-depth characters. I literally couldn't put this book down.

Becky Melby has crafted a beautiful story that weds history and the present as she explores how the past has prepared, in some special way, to affect those in the future. 

Filled with beautiful prose, witty dialogue, and a captivating story-line of danger, romance and healing, readers will come away from this story with fresh insight. Becky Melby pens a story of characters who experience transformation and change. 

While this story is definitely engaging, readers might become a bit annoyed at how the author flashbacks to the past at the end of an incomplete scene that leaves one desperate to know what will happen next. It felt like an immediate jump from one plot to another. Though these scenes of the past are used to provide readers with important information that is pertinent to the scene in the present tense, I personally found it a bit jarring in the middle of an unfulfilled scene. Yes, she returned to the scene once the past was over, but it still felt like an interruption. 

That said, the scenes of the past were most certainly intriguing and enjoyable, and they managed to capture the reader's imagination. I just wish the author had presented those scenes after she finished with the scene we'd been reading, instead of inserting it into the middle. 

Another thing I found a bit unnerving, though it's done in a way that never leaves the reader confused, is the massive number of sub-plots and character goals involved in this story. It just seemed like far too many. 

Again, the number of sub-plots never leaves the reader confused, and in fact, it's done with exquisite skill since Becky Melby blends them all together. Given the separate plot involving the past connection with the house two sub-plots would have been sufficient for this story. 

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this story, and I loved the romance that develops between the characters! I definitely recommend Tomorrow's Sun.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. 

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About the Author

Becky Melby is a Wisconsin resident. She and her husband Bill have four married sons and eleven grandchildren. Becky has co-authored nine Heartsong Presents titles and written two novellas for Barbour publishing. In her spare time Becky loves riding on the back of her Honda Gold Wing or making trips to see grandkids in the RV.

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