Sunday, January 8, 2012

The City Founded by Peace (Kings of Judah 2.1)

I hope everyone had an awesome week. I know that I have. I tuned in to some of the Passion 2012 conference via the livelink. Talk about awesome!

Last week, we didn't have a Bible study. Due to the various number of posts, I felt like one more post might seem a  bit excessive for one day.

Starting this week, we'll resume our normal Bible study routines on Sunday. 

If you didn't get the opportunity to read the last lesson in the study, or you need to catch up, I highly recommend that you do so before moving onto this lesson. In order to obtain the fullest picture that is painted of the kings of Judah, we have to study it in a building-block style. 

The theme of the last five lessons revolved around the idea of Beginnings of the monarchy that was established not just for Judah, but all of Israel, as well. We started with God being the first King of Israel, then moved to Saul, then we moved to the transition of the kingship to David. After that we studied the aspects of how King David managed to rule all of Israel, and finally we studied the covenant God established with him. To be honest, all of that is foundational to the weeks ahead. 

Throughout the next five weeks we will explore the idea of the "True King's Capital." The idea behind the next five lessons centers around King David's accomplishments and how he was able to establish worship for God that had a permanent place among his people. 

In addition, today you are going to want to use the map that you should have started four weeks ago. If you don't have one, please print this map out. I'll also ask that you use this map, as well. 

"The City Founded by Peace"

Key Question: What made Jerusalem an ideal location for the capital? 

Kings of Judah 2.1

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