Sunday, January 22, 2012

The City of the Great King (Kings of Judah, 2.3)

Here we are once more. We've finally reached another Sunday, and another chance to study the kings of Judah. 

While I'll admit today's lesson probably doesn't display my writing at its best, the content pretty much drained me out. By the time I finished writing the lesson, my mind felt like too much mush to worry about copy-editing. Apologies on my part. 

With that said, I recommend you divide this lesson into four different days. This will help you fully absorb the material. Just be sure to go back over what you've covered the day before.

Don't forget you can print or download the scribd files provided in this lesson. 

The City of the Great King

Key Question: Explain the significance of moving the ark to Jerusalem

Kings of Judah 2.3

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