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Book Reviews and Ratings 

I do receive some books from publishing houses in exchange for an honest review. The Federal Trade Commission requires me to let you know in my reviews that I received the book in exchange for the review, and which publishing house sent it. Unless otherwise stated at the end of a review, I paid for the book and reviewed it on my own terms.

Ratings of books are based on several factors, such as the quality of the story, how gripping the characters are in the story, the message of the story, the quality of the writing, etc. 

Rating System:

5--Excellent writing and wonderful story.
4--Enjoyable story, but still had something lacking.
3--Mediocre story, but still somewhat enjoyable.
2--Not enjoyable at all.
1--Did not like, and can't even recommend.

I try my best to review all books through the eyes of a reader, writer, and reviewer.

The reviews I post on this blog can also be found on various retailer websites such as Amazon, Christian Book Distributors, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Family Christian Bookstore. These reviews can also be found on Shelfari and Goodreads, as well as GetGlue.


Every month I host a giveaway. Most of the time the giveaways feature new releases. I never give away used books, so you are always guaranteed a fresh copy. 

Depending on circumstances, you may have the choice of a print copy or eBook format. Should you win the giveaway and your preference is through an eBook format, then you are responsible with supplying your digital e-reader address so I can send the book to you. 

If you should win the giveaway and have chosen a print edition as your preference, please understand that while I try my hardest to get the book to all winners as efficiently and as promptly as possible, that sometimes I may not be able to get it to you as soon as we both would like. Because I pay for and ship these books on my own, some circumstances may not allow me to send it within that very week. In general, please allow up to 2 weeks to receive your book. 

I will email each giveaway winner to let them know they have won. Winners are responsible for replying back and have up to four weeks to send a reply email with the information needed to send them their prize. If I do not hear back within that time frame, the giveaway will be revoked. 

I will announce all winners on the blog the day after the deadline for the giveaway. Only first names will be used. 


Every week I try to post a forum discussion. I welcome everyone to participate in this. 

Please refrain from posting anything crude toward other people who participate in the discussion. 

All spammers will be removed from the discussion. 

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