Monday, April 2, 2012

April Giveaway!

April 15th marks a historic day in history. This year will be the 100th memorial of the Titanic. I've always been interested in the Titanic, so for this month's giveaway I'm offering a lucky winner the following books:

Under the Silvery Moon by Tricia Goyer

Promise Me This by Cathy Gohlke

Hearts that Survive by Yvonne Lehman 

How This Giveaway Will Work

Because I've studied the Titanic for a long time, I've decided to post a trivia question every day. Each person who answers the question correctly will have their name put in the drawing for this Titanic Giveaway. 

Each day I'll announce the correct answer, then proceed with the new question.

Each person is allowed to answer as many questions as they want. So, that means you could have multiple entries!

The giveaway will run from April 4th-25th

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