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Interview with Mesu Andrews

Shelf Life is thrilled to have author Mesu Andrews join us for an interview today.

Andrews is the author of the Biblical fiction novel Love Amid the Ashes, and she avidly devotes herself to studying Scripture. 

I've heard so many wonderful things about her debut novel, and I had the privilege of reviewing her newest, sophomore novel! 

Today's interview will be shorter than previous interviews, since Andrews is on a deadline (yay!--another book!)

Join us today as she talks about her newest novel, Love's Sacred Song!

About Love's Sacred Song

Wisdom came as God's gift, but sacred love was forged through passion's fire

Standing in the shadow of his famous father, young King Solomon wavers between fear and bravado, longing for a love that is true and pure--a love that can be his cornerstone.

A shepherdess in the northern city of Shunem, Arielah has known since she first laid eyes on Solomon that it was her destiny to become his bride. When her father secures a promise from Solomon to marry Arielah as a treaty bride to help unite the kingdom, it seems her dreams will come true.

But how can this simple shepherdess live as part of Solomon's harem? Can Solomon set aside his distractions to give himself completely to just one woman? Or will he let duty, deception, and the daily routine divide his heart?

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Questions and Answers with Mesu Andrews

You write Biblical fiction. It's well known that authors usually write about that which intrigues them. What intrigues you the most about Biblical fiction?

My joy and passion is to study God’s Word, but I’m dreadfully practical. I need a purpose, or I feel as if I’m wasting time. Before chronic health issues robbed my energy level, I was a busy Bible teacher. I spoke at retreats and conferences, taught local Bible studies and adult Sunday school classes. When I could no longer GO and DO, I needed something to fulfill my yearning to learn and to teach.

I sought publication for Bible studies, but I had no formal training or credentials. A friend pointed out Jesus’ method of teaching through parables and suggested I try my hand at writing novels, incorporating God’s truths through story. THAT’S what intrigues me about biblical fiction—the fact that I’m writing a fictional story about real people who learned real lessons from a real God. How fascinating is that?

In your novel you include one of the most beautiful (and my personal favorite) psalms in the Bible, psalm 45, which is indicated as a wedding psalm. Can you tell is a little more about this psalm?  

I actually hadn’t planned on adding the wedding psalm until the last round of edits. My fabulous editor, Vicki Crumpton, really liked the character of Bathsheba and asked if we could expand her role in the book. The scene in the Mikvah was one of the ways we did that.

I didn’t want Arielah’s wedding night with Solomon to be a cliché of frightened virgin taken by a harem-bored king. The Beloved had been actively pursuing Solomon’s love, but her pursuit wasn’t for selfish gain—as all Solomon’s other brides were. I felt their wedding night should reflect Arielah’s characteristic determination with an appropriate amount of virgin trepidation, of course! Ha!

I loved Psalm 45 as her sacred song because it infused Solomon with confidence—as I believe every wife is called to do. It affirmed her love, her trust, her hopes and dreams for him. Our husbands aren’t any more perfect than Solomon was, but they’re our one-flesh partner given by God. We win when we encourage them.

 What verse from the Songs of Solomon do you like most, and why?

   SoS 8:6-7 – “ is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame. Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away. If one were to give all the wealth of his house for love, it would be utterly scorned.

You know how everyone reads 1 Corinthians 13, the “love chapter,” at weddings? “Love is patient, love is kind...” Well, I think they should also read Solomon’s definition of love at all the weddings! *-* Love is all those nice, fluffy, smooshy feelings in 1 Corinthians, but it’s also all these intense, passionate, scary things in SoS 8:6-7!

And here’s the REAL kicker—God’s love is all of the above. My little buzz line for the books I write is: “New Treasure of Love in Old Testament Tales.” I’m passionate about writing Old Testament stories because so many Christ-followers believe the God in the Old Covenant is mean, and the New Testament God is nice. Nope. He’s the same God—yesterday, today, and forever. He’s 1 Corinthians 13 AND Song of Songs 8. He relentlessly pursues those He loves and died to save.

I'm not going to lie-the model for Solomon on the cover is gorgeous! The model for Arielah is beautiful as well. If Love's Sacred Song were to become a movie, who would you cast to play their roles?

Hahaha! I’m not gonna lie either. I’m old enough to be the cover model’s mother, and I think he’s gorgeous, too! I love this question, and it’s actually one that Revell used to ask authors when they were trying to create the covers. I’ve recently created a Pinterest Board called “Character Faces” and added these two as my potential Solomon and Arielah. Visit me on Pinterest and tell me what you think!

Minka Kelly as Arielah 
Darren Criss as Solomon 

Can you tell us what you're working on next?

I continue to write my weekly e-devotionals and hope to someday publish those. (You can sign-up to receive your free Monday devotional at my website:

I’m contracted with Revell for two more biblical novels:

Love in a Broken Vessel is scheduled to release March 2013, telling the story of Hosea and Gomer—Can Hosea’s faith overpower Gomer’s unfaithfulness?

Love’s Saving Light is scheduled to release March 2014, telling the story of Queen Athaliah and Baby Joash—Will Jezebel’s daughter snuff out the last king on David’s throne.

I can't Wait! They sound absolutely amazing! Some of my favorite Biblical accounts too!

It's been a thrill and honor to have you here! I thoroughly enjoyed hosting you for this interview!

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to share a bit with your readers!

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