Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trading Gold for Silver

Well, we're finally here. The second lesson in our Bible study on the kings of Judah. Last week's lesson may not have been as challenging. In fact, you may not have learned as much as you had hoped. Hopefully, today, that will change some.

Because there is so much reading involved in this lesson, I recommend dividing it into several days. We cover a lot in this one lesson alone!

Also, I'm providing a link to a map for you. At some point in the lesson, you'll be asked to use this map. Please hold onto it for future lessons. While this map is from Wikipedia, and I normally don't trust them for any information, it truly is the best map I could find.

Remember, the actual lesson is contained in this Scribd file. You can print out the file and even expand it to fit your entire screen on the your computer.

Key question: What play on words did Samuel use in his farewell speech?

Kings of Judah Day Two

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