Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"What Are You Doing There?"

The other day I stared at the tv, watching NCIS: LA. While I've watched the show a dozen or more times, a fresh awareness hit me as I stared at Chris O'Donnell's face on the screen. That face, somehow, had been very familiar at one point in time, and I'd seen it somewhere .. . . just not in Batman Forever. . . but somewhere else.

As I churned through my mind, attempting to pull out the index of all movies Chris O'Donnell that might be stored inside there, it suddenly hit me. The familiarity of his features wasn't from any movie he played in. 

Somehow, I had unknowingly cast this man as the male character in my favorite fiction novel. I'm talking about Jack Brennan from Tamera Alexander's Remembered. It's as though Chris O'Donnell had taken over Jack Brennan's body and stole his looks--how dare he! . . . Either that, or Jack Brennan jumped out of Remembered and started living as Chris O'Donnell. It was enough to make me sit back and wonder, "Jack Brennan, what are you doing on NCIS: LA?"

Jack Brennan

Just imagine him with the same amount of hair he had in Batman and Robin and that is how I pictured Jack Brennan. 

And Veronique Girard. . . ? This is how I pictured her. Again, while watching a movie, I saw the actress and instantly recognized her as Veronique.

Veronique Girard

So I'm wondering . . . has this ever happened to you? Have you ever been watching a show and suddenly there is the face of the beloved character from your favorite book? . . .or maybe even a book that you've just read.

If you could cast characters in your favorite book, who would play them?

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