Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Giveaway

Loaded Charleston Basket 

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This month, instead of giving away a book, I'm giving away a basket full of Charleston goodies, including the new releases of Sunrise on the Battery by Beth Webb Hart and From This Day Forward by Margaret Daley. Should you win this giveaway, you'll open a basket filled with sweets and items native to Charleston.  A few of the items included are:

  • A Taste of Charleston, South Carolina Restaurant Recipes book
  • Benne Wafers  
  • Sweetgrass coasters (set of 4)
  • 2.3 oz of Island Mint Tea from the Charleston Tea Plantation (the original and only tea plantation left in America)
  • A beautiful matted painting of Magnolia Plantation Gardens by Jeanie Drucker 
  • A Christmas ornament of St.Philip's church 
  • 82 Queen Street ground grits and BBQ Sauce along with an amazing recipe for BBQued Shrimp and Grits 
  • Charleston Chews 
  • Lovely pictures of East Battery, Drayton Hall Plantation, and Avenue of the Oaks at Boone Hall Plantation 
  • Pineapple notecards
  • LowCoutnry Chedder Biscuits
  • A few more unmentioned goodies!

*A NOTE FOR BOOK REVIEWERS ONLY:  If you are a book reviewer and have (or will be reviewing) either Sunrise on the Battery or From This Day Forward, then you may substitute one, or both of these books (depending on which one you review), for one historical and one contemporary fiction title mentioned in the "Charleston In Fiction" widget on the sidebar.  

Ex.) If you reviewed Sunrise on the Battery but not From this Day Forward, then you may only substitute Sunrise on the Battery for another contemporary fiction title mentioned in the "Charleston In Fiction" widget. The same is true if vise-versa. If you are reviewing both, then you may substitute both.

Deadline is October 25th, 2011 12:00 AM EST

How to Enter

There are two ways to enter this giveaway. The first way is designed to add a little bit of flavor to this month's giveaway, but is purely optional. 

1. If you've never been to Charleston: Tell me one thing about Charleston that you'd love to do if you ever had the opportunity to visit the grand city . . . or tell me something about Charleston that fascinates you. 

2. If you have been to Charleston: Tell me something you really enjoyed during your visit to the city or something that you found very different or unique about Charleston culture.  

You can use the comment section at the bottom of this post for this option, or you can tell me through the message area of the Giveaway Submission Form.

Second Option: If you don't wish to leave a comment, then you may simply fill out the Giveaway Submission Form.

October Giveaway Submission Form

**If you're a book reviewer and have already read the two giveaway books, don't forget to mention your substitute book choices, as well as provide a link to your review. 

Before entering, please read the giveaway terms and conditions.

*Email addresses submitted for giveaways will only be used for the purpose of contacting the giveaway winner. I've chosen to use this form so entrants will not have to supply their email address under a comment below the post.

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