Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Interview with Margaret Daley

As most of you know, I'm a very proud Charelstoniaoun. Even more, I'm a proud South Carolinian. When I learned Margaret Daley's new book takes place in the beautiful state of South Carolina--and right here in Charleston--I couldn't resist inviting her to join us on Shelf Life to discuss her newest release, From This Day Forward.

Let's give a warm welcome to Margaret Daley!

Thank you so much for joining us on Shelf Life today. It's a pleasure to have you here! 

Now, the first thing I am dying to ask, is did you take a trip to South Carolina for research? If you did, what did you think about our state?

I didn’t get to come to South Carolina recently. I haven’t been there since I was a child, but I have lived in various places in the South. I think South Carolina is beautiful from all the pictures and research I did (and from my vague memory).

In the past, you've written romantic suspense and contemporary novellas. What prompted the sudden change to write a historical?

I started writing with a historical when I wrote for the ABA market. In the twenty years I wrote for the secular market I sold two historicals. I love history and combining that with a romance and a little suspense was perfect.

Did writing a historical present any unexpected challenges?

Although I researched before I started, unexpected research areas came up while writing. Trying to get an answer in a timely manner was sometimes a challenge.

Can you tell us a little bit about your newest release? 

From this Day Forward is about a widowed Englishwoman who arrives in South Carolina without much money, about to give birth to a child and a piece of property that wasn’t what she thought it was going to be.

What inspired From this Day Forward?

It was first planned to be right after the Revolutionary War. Summerside Press wanted me to write a book in the 19th century so I moved it up to the end of the War of 1812 because some people think of that war as a second Revolutionary War. I have enjoyed researching about that time period. That time in US history is full of drama and intrigue.

When most people think about South Carolina they tend to think about the  Colonial period or the Civil War. Your story uniquely takes place after the War of 1812. What prompted you to choose this time period? 

See the answer to the above question. One of my resources was a journal written by a woman in the South at that time around the War of 1812. Very interesting.

Did you have any particular plantation in mind as the inspiration for the ones in your novel?

I grew up in Mississippi and saw many plantation homes throughout 
the state. But the vision of mine came to me as pure fantasy. What I liked

Rachel's Plantation

The Stuart Plantation

In your research of Charleston plantation lifestyles, what intrigued you most?

The medical aspects--especially about yellow fever and malaria. They didn’t have any idea it was caused by mosquitoes.

The Stuart Home in Charleston 

What intrigued you most about Charleston?

It’s role right before and after the Revolutionary War. It was an important seaport for the South.

Which do yo like best: Casablanca or Gone with the Wind?

Casablanca but love the subject of Gone with the Wind.

How has writing impacted your relationship with God?

My faith has grown the more I write for the Christian market. As I raise tough questions in my character’s faith journey, I must explore it in my life. The latest question is why does God let bad things happen to good people.

If you had to recommend one Bible study for the rest of your life, which study would you recommend?
Kerygma Bible Study

Can you give us a peek at what you're working on next?
I’m working on my third book in my Men of the Texas Rangers Series (contemporary romantic suspense). My first one in the series will be out March 1st called Saving Hope.

Saving Hope (#1, Texas Ranger Series)

When a teenager goes missing from the Beacon of Hope School, Texas Ranger Wyatt Sheridan and school director Kate Winslow are forced into a dangerous struggle against a human trafficking organization. But the battle brings dire consequences as Wyatt’s daughter is terrorized and Kate is kidnapped.

Now it’s personal, and Wyatt finds both his faith and investigative skills challenged as he fights to discover the mastermind behind the ring before evil destroys everyone he loves.

Looking forward to it! Thank you so much for stopping by Shelf Life! 

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