Sunday, September 4, 2011

September Giveaway

It's time to announce this month's giveaway! This month, instead of doing one giveaway, I'm hosting two! I'm giving away one fiction novel and one non-fiction book. Be sure to check the deadlines for each giveaway since they differ.

Signed Copy of 
The Doctor's Lady by Jody Hedlund

Priscilla White bears the painful knowledge that she’ll never be able to be a mother. Having felt God’s call to missionary work, she determines to remain single, put her pain behind her, and answer God’s call. Dr. Eli Ernest wants to start a medical clinic and mission in unsettled Oregon Country. He’s not interested in taking a wife because of the dangers of life in the west and the fact that no white woman has ever attempted the overland crossing. But then Priscilla and Eli both receive news from the mission board: No longer will they send unmarried men and women into the field. Left scrambling for options, the two realize the other might be the answer to their needs. Priscilla and Eli agree to a partnership, a marriage in name only that will allow them to follow God’s leading into the mission field. But as they journey west, this decision will be tested by the hardships of the trip and by the unexpected turnings of their hearts.


Restricted to United States residents only

Deadline to enter is September 20th, 2011

Non-Fiction Giveaway

Radical Together by David Platt

In Radical, David Platt’s plea for Christians to take back their faith from the American Dream resonated with readers everywhere, and the book quickly became a New York Times bestseller. Now in Radical Together, the author broadens his call, challenging us to unite around a gospel-centered vision.
 How, he asks, might such a vision reshape our priorities as the body of Christ? How might well-intentioned Christians actually prevent God’s people from accomplishing God’s purpose? And, how can we best unleash the people of God in the church to carry out the purpose of God in the world?
 Writing to everyone who desires to make an impact for God’s glory—whether you are an involved member, a leader, or a pastor—Dr. Platt shares six foundational ideas that fuel radical obedience among Christians in the church. With compelling Bible teaching and inspiring stories from around the world, he will help you apply the revolutionary claims and commands of Christ to your community of faith in fresh, practical ways.

Deadline is September 30th, 2011 12:00 AM EST

September Giveaway Submission Form

*In the subject line, make sure to include the title of the book you'd like to win! 

**For Radical Together, be sure to include your format preference (e-book or physical copy) in the message area.

Before entering, please read the giveaway terms and conditions.

Email addresses submitted for giveaways will only be used for the purpose of contacting the giveaway winner. I've chosen to use this form so entrants will not have to supply their email address under a comment below the post.

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