Thursday, July 7, 2011

Literary Trendsetter? . . . I Hope So!

Yesterday, Publishers Weekly  released an article that seems to have sparked renewed interest in a familiar and beloved series. When the Duchess of Cambridge spoke of her fondness for the well-known literary classic, Anne of Green Gables, the world of social media and literary publishing collided in speculation on Kate Middleton's possible influence in reviving the popular L.M. Montgomery children's tale.

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I have to confess that I can still remember the very moment I picked up this book. Years ago, as a little girl, my family and I had stopped by a remote toy store on one of our vacations in North Carolina. My parents allowed me and each of my siblings to select one toy for the long journey home. Excited over the thought of gaining a new toy, I scanned the store in search of something that would satisfy my child's heart. Dolls of all sizes and styles lined the shelves, trivia games and coloring books could be found in every corner, cards, fluffy boas, and almost any type of toy imaginable grabbed at my attention. Yet nothing seemed to interest me.

Just as I turned the corner to tell my mother I didn't want anything, I stumbled upon a book that seemed . . . alluring. I couldn't quite define it, but something about this book called to me. Content with my selection, I handed the thin paperback to my mother, then proceeded to explore the rest of the little store.

Finally inside the car, my mother handed the book to me. The entire ride home I devoured the tale of the little red-headed orphan who hated her hair, wanted to changed her name, smashed a slate over a boy's head, dyed her hair green in an unsuccessful attempt at dying it "raven black", accidentally got her best friend inebriated, and allowed her imagination to nearly drown her in a game.

This fascinating girl was none other than Anne Shirley. From that moment, Mrs. Montgomery's character staked a permanent spot in my heart. I eagerly devoured the next book that followed . . . and the next. Today I am the proud owner of the entire series (and the movies).

The Duchess of Cambridge's love for this series prompted her desire to visit the beautiful and nostalgic Prince Edward Island (lucky girl!), where L.M. Montgomery set her fictional town of Avonlea.

Publisher's Weekly speculates that Kate Middleton could become a literary trendsetter. I sure hope she does. There are worse things to be setting trends with. Perhaps she will awaken a generation to a new-found love and appreciation for this wonderful classic.

So . . .what do you think? Do you believe Kate Middleton could be come a literary trendsetter?

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  1. I absolutely love Anne of Green Gables. I am a new follower via Book blogs. Welcome. I would like to invite you to visit and follow on my blog if you have a moment. I look forward to reading more of your reviews. Thanks. Donna

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  2. Thank you. It's great to have you here. I absolutely love your blog. Wow! It looks amazing. And I adore that YouTube widget. I have promptly added you to my blogroll.


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