Friday, January 28, 2011

The Attitude of Christ (Guest blogger, Chris)

As I mentioned in my last post, a few weeks ago I attended the Passion 2011 conference with a group of friends. I had my friend Kristine blog about her experience. Now, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Chris, who is going to blog about his own experience and what he learned through the conference. I also encourage you to check out his blog:

The Attitude of Christ by Chris

Several weeks ago, I attended a conference in Atlanta, GA called Passion. This was not the first time I had taken a group to such a gathering. The theme verse for the conference is Isaiah 26:8 "In the path of your judgments, oh Lord, we wait for you; your name and remembrance are the desire of our soul." The conference caters to a generation of young adults and seeks to renew their spirits so that God's "name and remembrance are the desire of" their souls.

I seem to attend these conferences with the attitude of “I know what's coming up.” Not that such an attitude makes the conference any less exciting. I always learn something new! This year, I learned about the attitude of Christ. The facilitator of one of the smaller groups that I was in pointed out the passage in Philippians 2:1-13 where Paul gives us an image of Jesus Christ's attitude. Paul speaks of how Jesus constantly lowered Himself: He was God yet He became a man, He became a servant, He humbled himself to death—even death on a cross (the cruelest, most excruciating, and humiliating death known to the world at that time). The facilitator then paralleled Philippians 2:1-13 to Isaiah 14:12-14, where it speaks of Satan's attitude. This verse shows Satan is constantly trying to raise himself! Satan is looking out for himself and himself alone! Quite obviously, this is the exact opposite of how we should be living as "Christ-followers."

This really hit home for me, because at times I feel my motivation for doing certain things—even church-related things—seems to call more attention to myself rather than to God. This is something that I have to rely on God to change in my heart and in doing so, give Him the glory for such! How can I expect others to have the heart and actions of servant, when simultaneously, I am not doing the same? I pray that God continues to work in my life and change my heart, and that the same happens in each of you!

Live the Faith!

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