Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Into the West

It's been a while since I've last posted. I've been hard at work on my manuscript. I thought I would take this time away from my manuscript and relay to you about an awesome dvd series I purchased several months ago.

A few years ago, while researching for my manuscript, I came across a synopsis for a mini-series called Into the West. Since reading that synopsis, I've been dying to see this series. Sometime in August I purchased the series on dvd--and I have to tell you that it is amazing.

First off, it's not a Western. And it's not a documentary. It's a TNT tv series, nominated for sixteen Emmy awards, and produced by Steven Spielburg. It's a story that chronicles the lives of two fictitious families, American and Native American, as the United States expands west. Starting with the fur trappers and ending with the battle of Wounded Knee, this series brings history to life with an engaging plot, historical accuracy, and characters that are true to life.

If you love history--especially western history--then you will love this series. I can tell you that the writers have done their research. The experts on clothing have done their research. Even the actors did their research.

This series includes a large cast of actors, most of them well known in Hollywood, such as Rachel Lee Cook, Kerri Russell, Matthew Settle, Beau Bridges, Graham Greene, Matthew Modine, and many others.

I highly recommend this series. It is incredible. There are parts that will be hard to watch, areas that will make you stop and think, and a vast majority of areas that will help you understand how this nation grew into the county we live in today. If you have the opportunity, definitely purchase this series. I can promise you will not regret it.

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